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Hello Spurs Fans everywhere!

Hello to everyone around the world!

I'm sitting here on a cold morning in Toronto writing to you about a couple of things that have come to mind that I feel I should make you all aware of.

From my position as Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Club/Ontario Canada I get emails daily from people who feel they want to get more involved in supporting Tottenham Hotspur; people who want more accessibility to tickets; people who want to feel that Spurs seem them more as part of their "international family" then a consumer.

How can these people do that?
Two very simple things--well, three actually. Here they are:
1) Become a member of Spurs Members Club. If you're not already this is a definite asset. You get higher priority for tickets--and a better chance of getting them. You get a discount at the Spurs Stores, both on-line and in person. You receive special offers from Spurs. I'm a member and I'm proud to be one.

2) Become a member of Tottenham Supporters Trust. Membership is just ten pounds per year. The trust gives you a direct link to Spurs by giving you a voice in business issues of the club. As well as issues involving racism, importance of overseas and remote fans as well as other supporters who cannot always get to games. They realise that fans really care about the good name of the club and if treated properly will reward the club with absolute loyalty. On this note Jimmy Brecknock is in charge of regional matters with the trust. This is of importance, at least to those of us in Canada because our own member of the Ontario Supporters Club, Kevin Cracknell is liasing with Jimmy. Kev is in an ideal situation, having been an overseas supporter and now spending considerable time in London. Again, I am a member of the Trust and proud to be one.

3) your Supporters Clubs. Do all you can to increase their memberships and get our word out. The more overseas support Spurs have the better for chances of receiving satellite feeds of games etc. Be vocal in your support. Tell people you're a Spurs Supporter. Get your clubs involved in community events. Spurs are by far the best supporters in the world and we need to let others know that.

From personal experience I have to tell you that everyone I've dealt with, from Diane at Spurs Members and her great Jonathon Adleman, Paul Smith and everyone at Tottenham Supporters Jodie and everyone at Spurs I've had nothing but positive experiences, professionalism, and a feeling of "we're all in this together."
I'm more than willling to help anyone get more information on Spurs Members, Spurs Trust, starting a branch of a supporters club all you have to do is ask. Already, we have a great association of Supporters clubs in Ireland, Norway, Belgium, the UK, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong---all around the world, giving us all a great resource of ideas and friends.
I'm proud to be a Spur and you should be too.
To join Spurs members...visit and follow the links.
To join Spurs trust...visit and follow the links.

To conclude, I'd like to thank everyone at Spurs, from top to bottom for giving us something which we can be proud of; and I'd llike to thank Supporters everywhere for getting behind the Trust, the Team, and their Supporters Clubs. Let's spread our word and remember the Spurs motto...audere est facere.

Cameron Tilbury
Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Club/Ontario Canada

ps Sorry if this all sounded a little "cheesie," but dammit we do have something to be proud of and it's time someone said so.
Cameron Tilbury
Whitby, Ontario, Canada
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