Why Do People Love Living In California?

California seems to be the number one place to move to in America, and millions of people each year flock to the state in order to try their luck. Not everyone makes it, and though housing costs are always on the rise, there are plenty of reasons to make the move. So, what is it about California living that wins over the hearts of many?

1. Warm Weather

You can’t talk about California without addressing how great the weather is. In most places, you’ll never see snow and it rarely ever rains. There are seasons of drought, but for the most part its climate offers just the right amount of humidity to make way for pleasant sunny days. In fact, it’s sunny almost year-round, so outdoor activities are commonplace.

2. Pleasant Views

California may not be steeped with lush forests, but it does have wonderful western scenery that people enjoy. Its majestic mountains, parks, and rolling hills offer plenty of escapism for outdoor enthusiasts, but they also make for fantastic views depending on where you rent or buy your home. Many homes are situated on hills to offer perfect backyard views of natural landscapes.

3. Hollywood

No one can mention California without pointing out what a big deal Hollywood is. In fact, most people flock to the state in an effort to gain celebrity status or to mingle with the greats. Hollywood is a fantastic place to visit and see how movies have evolved over the decades. What makes Hollywood even better are the sheer number of activities one can do there ranging from ghost tours to fine dining.

4. The Pacific Ocean

Very few places in America have a long coastline where you can enjoy a day at the beach. California is known for its warm sandy beaches and its surfer culture. It’s also the only place in America where you can find homes with million dollar beach views— literally! Purchasing beachfront property is a fantastic investment as property values are constantly going up.

California living may not be for everyone, but it sure has a lot to offer. The unique culture of the state, its sandy beaches, and Hollywood notoriety makes it one of the most desirable places to live in America. Of course, the fact that it’s a good place to live also makes real estate hard to afford but a good investment.

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Dwayne Bradford