Generator rules for nursing homes await approval

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TALLAHASSEE, FL (WWSB) – With time ticking on this year’s session, it’s not clear if Governor Rick Scott will be able to convince the Florida Legislature to require nursing homes to have backup generators.

Just days after Hurricane Irma, 14 residents at a Hollywood Hills nursing home lost their lives, following a power outage.

The Scott administration and the long-term care industry now want to make it a requirement that nursing homes and assisted living facilities have back-up generators.

Two proposed rules await ratification, one applying to assisted living facilities, the other to nursing homes.

Under the compromise reached between the long-term care industry and the governor’s office, nursing homes and assisted living facilities would be required to have generators, but the generators wouldn’t have to be installed, which means they can be portable.

Nursing homes would be required to be able to keep an ambient temperature of 81 degrees and to have onsite 72 hours of fuel but have the capability of tapping into another 24 hours worth of fuel in case of a declared emergency.

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