Now you can join the Trust, or renew your membership, and your membership will run untill 30th June 2007! NEW!!! Five year membership available for just £25! (£15 if you have renewed for next year already)

Why should y become a member?

Why should you become or remain a member of the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust? Here are just a couple of examples of the influence the Trust is seeking to exert upon the club on behalf of its members, and Spurs fans around the world:-

· Spurs Trust agrees new process for regular meetings with THFC (The club has agreed three meetings per annum with Trust Board Members AND Two selected ordinary Trust members. The latest of these meetings was held in March 2006)
You can apply for new membership of the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust, or renew your current membership, on this page. Online payments are now possible with a United Kingdom CREDIT OR DEBIT card . The fee remains at just £10, and the Trust will pay online administration fees for you! Applications and renewals made now will give you membership until June 30th 2007. NEW!!! FIVE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP IS AVAILABLE FOR JUST £25 (£15 if you have already renewed for next year)

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